General Contractor - Full Service Project Planning and Construction 

Plum is a builder of distinctive modern architecture. With roots in studio art and custom fabrication, our aesthetic reflects a deep appreciation for the ways design merges with craft and materials to shape the experience of space. We work in close collaboration with clients and architects to deliver an outcome that is purposefully built and beautifully practical.

Mount Baker Kitchen


We are experienced builders and craftspeople who are adept at finding creative solutions that make great projects possible. Whether TI, residential remodel, or new construction, we work to evoke the unique character of each client and their environment. Plum also undertakes property development which enables us to explore a holistic approach to design and construction, allowing our projects to fit harmoniously within the neighborhoods they inhabit.


We are a team of inventors and creators, with backgrounds in art, fabrication, construction, and architecture. Our design services can act in conjunction with an architect firm as casework designers, interior architecture and design, or as a standalone service in a client oriented design-through-construction service. We strive to be our clients partner and advocate throughout the design process, ensuring that it is approachable, transparent, and highly collaborative.